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Design & Engineering

Our experienced team of designers including skilled CAD designers and 3D designers have the capacity to deliver outstanding designs for your project.  Our design service is provided free of charge to all clients to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with local standards.  If you require more complex engineering of structures such as load baring capacities we can also provide this service for a fee. We look forward to delivering exceptional designs and advice for your project.

Quality Control

The STAR HOUSE modular unit has been endorsed and tested to meet specific standards in various geographical regions such as CE in Europe and compliance with the Canada Building Code has already been certified through an independent Engineering report Quality Control (QC) is one of the most critical elements of any project and our QC staff are knowledgeable and pay attention to detail on the production quality of what is being supplied to all our customers.


Whilst the factory specialized in the production of flat-pack modular structures from 8*10 up to 8*30 in size we also produce Offshore, ISO shipping container, modified container conversions and specialized steel structures such as explosion rooms, Accommodation, storage containers etc. If you have a specific requirement for a specialized steel structure then please contact us.


If you have a small or large project our construction team can assist. We also provide an advisory service to assist on the construction requirements of the project and full project management if required. With the capacity to utilize skilled personal from around the globe you can be assured your construction crew will efficiently simplify the construction process of any project. If needed, we will dispatch our professional workers to conduct assembling guide or technical support for you on site. We're at your service!


STAR HOUSE can transport and ship your containers worldwide, by sea, rail and road.

Prices are available upon request.

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