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What Are The Three Types Of Integrated Housing?
Sep 14, 2018

1, color steel activity room. This room type is mainly used in the construction site, often as an employee's dormitory. The use of C-beam, H-beam welded skeleton, wall panels and roofing panels using insulated color steel sandwich panels, assembled into the integrated housing.

2, cold-formed thin-walled light steel integrated housing. This type of house is often built in a park.

This villa-type structural parts have been galvanized special anti-corrosion treatment, so can protect steel to prevent rust, prolong the service life of steel, the use of new lightweight envelope materials, non-flammable, non-mildew, not worm-eaten.

3, wooden house. The timber structure is a single-storey or multi-storey wood structure made of square wood or round wood. Wooden House not only warm summer cool, anti-moisture moisturizing, strong, but also contains a mellow cultural atmosphere, simple and elegant.  

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