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What Are The Main Materials Used By Container Offices?
Sep 14, 2018

As people's ideas continue to emerge, many of the discarded containers are no longer destroyed, but used to be converted into container offices.

It is widely used all over the country. The main materials used in container Office are the following: Polystyrene color steel sandwich panel, cotton Rock color steel sandwich panel, polyurethane color steel sandwich panel, single-layer color steel plate.

Container office due to the layout of flexible, lightweight and reliable structure, thermal insulation, can be arbitrarily cut and other characteristics, decided its disassembly convenient, environmental savings, greatly improve the production efficiency, saving a lot of time. Most of the container offices are now used for offices, dormitories, canteens, partitions, classrooms, warehouses, factories and other places. It is also an unprecedented experience when it comes to ensuring people's use.

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