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What Are The Categories Of Special Containers?
Sep 14, 2018

With the development of international trade, a lot of product commodities need to be sold overseas, without the container shipping.

With the changing commodity structure, there are many different types of special-purpose or multi-use containers. Ordinary containers. Mainly for shipment of groceries, usually used for shipping cultural supplies, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, textiles, handicrafts, chemical products, wujinjiaodian, electronic machinery, instruments and machine parts.

This container accounts for 70 ~ 80% of the total number of containers. Refrigerated containers. Extra-set and built-in two types. The temperature can be adjusted between -28℃~ +26℃.

This box is suitable for transporting butter, chocolate, frozen fish, condensed milk, margarine and other items during the summer. Livestock containers. The box has a metal mesh on the side and is well ventilated and easy to feed. It is a special container specially made for the shipment of cattle, horses and other movable objects.

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