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The History Of Integrated Housing Development
Sep 14, 2018

For integrated housing, many people may not be familiar with it. However, its development in the past 50 years has reached a higher level.

Like Japan forms the Housing Group as the representative of the monolithic and folding houses, the American general Equipment company is represented by the box-type movable house. In the domestic, as early as in the last century 70 's also gradually used integrated housing. In the late 90, some companies saw the future expansion of integrated housing and the potential for a revolutionary impact, starting from a simple prefabricated house manufacturing to the production of a permanent residence of the whole residential transformation.

At present, in mainland China has produced more technology has the scale of integrated housing manufacturing company, its products to low prices, energy saving, environmental protection and other performance superior, has been exported to all over the world. Of course, there are many domestic integrated housing research and development, production, construction leading enterprises, but the majority of enterprises still lack of professional level, the lower price route new phenomenon is obvious.

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