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Simple Event Room And Container Type Event Room Which Is More Cost-effective?
Sep 14, 2018

When you want to rent an activity room, there is often a question, that is the simple activity room and container-type activity room which is more cost-effective, what is the difference between the two? The simple movable room is a kind of environment-friendly and economical movable house with light steel as skeleton and sandwich panel.

Can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled, the realization of the general standardization of temporary buildings, set up the environmental protection and energy saving, fast and efficient construction concept, so that the temporary housing into a series of development, integration of production, supporting the supply, inventory and can be used for multiple turnover of stereotypes product field.

But it cannot be rented or moved. Container-type Activity room Although the cost is high, but can be rented, deposit in about 8000, as long as not damage, rent 3 yuan per day. For you wind and rain Shanghan sound insulation effect is good, do not need to install, that is, rent is used, convenient Fantie!

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