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Modified Container Project
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UN Container Project

Client: United Nations
Lcation: Somalia, Africa
Period: 2011.6
Project Name: United Nations relief program
Area: 1000

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Australia Container Villas Project

Project Name:  

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Canada Miners Container Camp

Client: GML
Project: Ontario Camp Site
Period: 2010
Description: Supply and installation of 628 heavy duty modular units 
Location: Ontario, Canada

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New Caledonia Container Camp Project

Client: NMC
Lcation: New Caledonia
Period: 2012.6
Project Name: New Caledonia Camp Project
Area: 3600

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Australia Container Project

Client: Star House Australia
Lcation: Montreal, Canada
Period: 2012.10
Project Name: Australia Villa Project
Area: 180

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Atlas Iron Kitchen Container Project

Client: SeaBox
Project: Atlas kitchen modules
Period: 2013
Location: Perth, Australia
Description: Supply and installation of 8 heavy duty modular units to kitchens

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Australia Container Camp Project

Client: SeaBox
Project: Domitory
Location: Perth, Australia
Period: 2012
Description: Supply and installation of 5 heavy duty modular units 

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Canada 60ft Container House

Client: Williams Scotsman
Lcation: Canada
Period: 2012.11
Project Name: 60ft Canada Staff House
Area: 1000

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Australia Switch Box

Client: Amoveo
Project: Switch rooms
Period: 2013
Location: Hedland, Australia
Description: Supply and installation of 10 heavy duty modular units

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Northern Workers Container Housing

Client: PICS
Lcation: Montreal, Canada
Period: 2011.6
Project Name: Northern workers housing
Area: 3800

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