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Our modular buildings are designed for every environment on the planet. We offer a wide spectrum of highly adaptable modular buildings. Each building, whether designed to be part of a workforce camp, a high density residential neighborhood, apartment complex or hotel, performs as high quality,......

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Our modular buildings are designed for every environment on the planet. We offer a wide spectrum of highly adaptable modular buildings. Each building, whether designed to be part of a workforce camp, a high density residential neighborhood, apartment complex or hotel, performs as high quality, cost-effective housing and work space.


The flat pack units is designed as a light and simple construction, consisting of frames for floor and roof along with corner profiles. The light and simple construction system has no limits. It allows the units to be build together into larger buildings, as long and as wide as needed. Furthermore the unit is stackable in either 2 units height for accommodation or in 3 units height for warehousing.

Feature and Advantage

The advantages of our modular flat pack modular container

Efficient Transportation


Sea Freight
The Starhouse cabin structure when flat packed for transportation is designed in accordance with a standard ISO shipping container. The corner casting structure enables lifting capability utilizing a crane in the same manner as a standard ISO shipping container.

On Site Transportation
The dimensions of the forklift pockets on the cabin structure is 85mm* 260mm which enables forklift capability on site.

Road Freight
Due to the structure being the same dimensions as a standard ISO shipping container road freight is efficient and easy to handle the cargo.

Fast Construction

Turn-key solution due to all components being flat packed, including the roof structure, floor, wall panels, doors, windows and interior decoration. 

Up to 40% time saving on construction over convention building techniques due to all structural elements being prefabricated.

Construction of a single cabin can be undertaken with only four skilled workers.

Flexible Combination

The Starhouse cabins can be assembled and then disassembled for re transportation via road, train or sea.

Individual cabins can be linked together to form larger structures at ease through the starhouse Smart linking kit.

Internal wall panels can be removed and changed at the clients’ discretion to provide flexible layout options.

Cost Saving

Transportation costs are reduced by up to 75% cost compared with Traditional Architecture or modified containers.

Construction time is reduced by up to 40% saving time and money.

The ability to change internal layouts or relocate structures provides cost savings.


Mineral wool which is used primarily for insulation in the structures can be recycled

The structure of the cabin is made from steel and once the client has no further use of the structure the steel can be recycled

Ark’s manufacturing facilities are energy efficient with strict governance on wastage of materials and water supply.



-- Interior storm system--

Our container house has independent drainage system which was including the gutter at the foot of the wall, bottom, roof. Four Draining pipes were installed in the four corners post to connect the roof and bottom.

The special design of the gutter lead the rain from panel surface to the ground, to prevent the rain leakage from the joint between wall and bottom.

The steel plate cover outside of the container house top. There have two paralleled leaking beam to support the top. Leaking beam has the inside groove to lead rainwater to the hole, under the holes are equipped the downpipe to guide the water flow out. 

Because it has the complete drainage system, convenient for draining, won’t cause the seepage.  Easy to installation and transfer. The standard single unit can be use independently, also allows to be use by multiple standard single unit to combined into larger buildings, as long and as wide as needed.


Cost-efficient, Easy change& assembly, Quick fabrication &Fast deliveries, different combination, complete function, Reliable aseismic, Good insulation. 

House container cost efficient with various of usage and combination based on easy transportation like normal container. It is of appropriate external size and has connections for lifting and fixing or compounding. 

Our container house can be used exclusively or assembly. According to your desired size, you can use one container or combine several containers together horizontally or vertically (2-3 floors can be constructed).

-- Size and tare --    (Iso standard 1161 )

External length 20’/(inner length) 20’: 6.055m/(5.851m). 

External width/(inner width): 2.435m/(2.231m). 

External height/(inner height): 2.790m/(2.510m).

Tare: 1950 kgs. 

-- Technical Parameter --

Wind Resistance: Grade 12

Wall permitted loading: 1 KN/sq.m. 

FLoor Permitted live loading: 2.5 KN/sq.m.

Ceiling Permitted live loading: 1.5 KN/sq.m.

Wall Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.039W/mk

Ceiling Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.039 W/mk

-- Construction --

The container is designed as a light construction consisting of floor and roof frames and corner profiles. 

The construction enables compounding of individual containers in longitudinal and transverse directions without limits. 

It also enables compounding of containers in 2 floors in height (ground floor + first floor), or in 3 floors in height for warehousing of these containers (ground floor + 2 floor). 

The wainscots of the container are made of light insulation panels and offer pleasant climate in the interior due to their building and physical properties. 

Used materials are environmental friendly. 

Main Material: 

-- Material --

Light steel structure material Q235

-- WALL --

Side pannels width: 1145mm

External wainscot: 0.5mm steel sheet

Insulation filling: 60mm mineral wool 

Inner wainscot: 0.5mm steel sheet


External wainscot: 0.5mm steel sheet

Insulation filling: 100mm rock wool

Inner wainscot: 9mm MDF (CEILING)/18mm MDF (FLOOR)


PVC sliding window or

PVC tilt&swing window

-- Rolling shutters --

PVC rolling shutters or 

Aluminum rolling shutters

-- DOORS --

Frame is made of aluminum,

Insulation: 40mm PL(Polystyrene)


-- Delivery --  (Cost saving and convenient transportation.)

Standard containers can be used for various static applications and suitable for intermodal freight in flat-pack form.

Containers can be delivered assembled or individually in kits 648mm high. 

Each bundle of 4 collapsed units has iso standard external size with corner casting for lifting and moving containers .

Units are designed as light structure comprising floor, corner posts and interchangeable wainscots to creat outside walls.

4 kits can be bundled in packages: 

- External dimension: 6055*2435*2791. 

- Internal dimension: 5855*2235*2500.


-- Service --   (Your vision, our design)

Whatever your needs, we will come up with a plan to meet your requirements. 

We will create a tailor-made CAD drawing for you within 48 hours of your original enquiry. We only need a sketch, design or short conversation.

You choose all the options and extras:

- positioning of doors and windows, partitioning

- Insulation, Heating , Plumbing, electricity system, Bathroom, Kitchen

- Internal fixtures, Home appliance and Furniture etc.

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