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Introduction The prefab unit is designed as a light and simple construction, consisting of frames for floor and roof along with corner profiles. The light and simple construction system has no limits. It allows the units to be build together into larger buildings, as long and as wide as needed.......

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The prefab unit is designed as a light and simple construction, consisting of frames for floor and roof along with corner profiles. The light and simple construction system has no limits. It allows the units to be build together into larger buildings, as long and as wide as needed. Furthermore the unit is stackable in either 2 units height for accommodation or in 3 units height for warehousing.

Feature and Advantage   

The advantages of our standard flatpacked unit

Efficient Transportation


Sea Freight
The Starhouse cabin structure when flat packed for transportation is designed in accordance with a standard ISO shipping container. The corner casting structure enables lifting capability utilizing a crane in the same manner as a standard ISO shipping container.

On Site Transportation
The dimensions of the forklift pockets on the cabin structure is 85mm* 260mm which enables forklift capability on site.

Road Freight
Due to the structure being the same dimensions as a standard ISO shipping container road freight is efficient and easy to handle the cargo.

Fast Construction

Turn-key solution due to all components being flat packed, including the roof structure, floor, wall panels, doors, windows and interior decoration. 

Up to 40% time saving on construction over convention building techniques due to all structural elements being prefabricated.

Construction of a single cabin can be undertaken with only four skilled workers.

Flexible Combination

The Starhouse cabins can be assembled and then disassembled for re transportation via road, train or sea.

Individual cabins can be linked together to form larger structures at ease through the starhouse Smart linking kit.

Internal wall panels can be removed and changed at the clients’ discretion to provide flexible layout options.

Cost Saving

Transportation costs are reduced by up to 75% cost compared with Traditional Architecture or modified containers.

Construction time is reduced by up to 40% saving time and money.

The ability to change internal layouts or relocate structures provides cost savings.


Mineral wool which is used primarily for insulation in the structures can be recycled

The structure of the cabin is made from steel and once the client has no further use of the structure the steel can be recycled

Ark’s manufacturing facilities are energy efficient with strict governance on wastage of materials and water supply.


Starhouse has wide-ranging experience delivering workforce housing products worldwide.

When you need short-term or permanent modular camps, our modular buildings will solve your housing problems in the most out-of-the-way locations and excessive climates.

On time.

Your time requirement is tight and schedule is difficult to meet.

Starhouse is prepared to get into overdrive any day.

We have the best possible team ready to help you succeed.

From design, build, deployment, and installation.

Our team will be there to help you all the way through the project.


Our pre-built camp “packages” in which everything you need for your camp is put together by Starhouse and sold as a bundle.

This includes power, water, security, maintenance, fridges, and freezers etc.

The turn-key process includes all of the steps involved to open a camp, including the site selection, space planning, construction coordination and complete installation.

On budget.

In today’s economy budget is everything!

Starhouse provides the best price, quality, comfortably, and service to make us a one stop shop.

Global resources, speed of deployment, and our highly skilled team means you will get the best price.

We strive to work with each customer to ensure their satisfaction.

Our financial team is always happy to answer your questions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Q: Can You Make Customized Products?

A: Yes, we mainly produce customized products. We will deepen the design and put into production according to the different needs of our customers.

Q: Do You Have Stocks?

A: Yes, 50-100 units standard flat pack units. And we will prepare large amount of raw materials, even customized produce can be finished in a short period of time.

Q: You are manufacture factory or trading company?

A: We are manufacture factory. And you are welcomed to visit us for inspection. The quality control flow will show you our professional. Also you will enjoy the best quality and competitive price.

Q: Where Could We Use Them?

A: They are widely used as offices and habitation buildings within a construction site. Additionally, this kind steel structure houses can also be used as industrial buildings / Accommodation / living / Hotel / camp / Kitchen / Laundry / Bathroom / Shower / office / Meeting room / Storage / School / Hospital / field working places and additional facilities of a building and so on. Star container house are suitable for long distance transportation and as a result are also suitable for export.

Q: Why choose our container houses?

A: Roofing, floor and electrical system are completely prefabricated by factory, which make field installation much easier and faster; Our container house can be moved as a whole, or be compressed, and packaged for transportation; By using our container house, it is easy to finish the foundation construction work. And the characteristic of easy-installation enable us to use them immediately when you need; They can be used circularly and will not produce any construction waste; Waterproof design of roofing enhances the air tightness and water tightness of the house.

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